ID cards are here!

Vedh Vinayak

Student IDs are a new addition to our school environment. They were distributed during 3rd period( E day) on Wednesday 3rd November 2021. If there is any confusion about the IDs, please read this article.

The photo used was the picture taken on picture day. If students missed their photo then participate in the upcoming make up date (November 23rd). 

The purpose for these IDs is firstly to accelerate the lunch time. Instead of having to take time to input your pin you can simply just scan your ID at the register. This is easier and more efficient. This should make the lunch lines go faster and students can get their lunch quicker from the cafeteria. Secondly, they’re helpful to identify students in the building. As technology evolves in the building the IDs uses will be expanded upon. (Make sure you don’t lose them!)

It is ok to forget your ID, just bring your ID the next day. There is no need for parents to send ID cards if students forget. It is not a requirement to wear your ID however, it is highly recommended and encouraged to wear them daily. 

Thank you to the PTO for donating the lanyards!

In conclusion, the IDs make the lunch line faster and are helpful to identify students in the building. Their uses will likely be built upon. Hopefully this clears up any confusion and have a great day!