2021 Elections for Governor


Tyler Suwankosai

The race for New Jersey is over. Democrat Phil Murphy was up against Republican Jack Ciattarelli in a battle that has heated up in its final moments. Gov. Murphy led by 0.6% or 20,000 votes which is an insanely close margin. But what are these two men’s goals and ideals? What were they trying to accomplish if they won this election?

Murphy believes in increasing the minimum wage, enforcing strict gun laws, and enacting longer sick leave. He’s also repeatedly promoted mask and vaccine requirements. Finally, Gov. Murphy wants free education for all and has constantly pushed tuition-free community college. If the incumbent governor wins, he’ll be the first democratic governor in 44 years to be re-elected in New Jersey. Jack Ciattarelli, on the other hand, has campaigned for lowering taxes — he’ll redistribute funding to poorer schools — and improving infrastructure (e.g., roads). He mainly supports Donald Trump’s opinions but looks also to expand on the former president’s views. 

While most of the polls had already been counted, over 500,000 mail-in ballots were still not available. This would probably mean a victory for the Democrats because most people supporting the party mail their ballots. This does indeed come true. Only 6 counties had not finished voting, with our own county as one of them. Essex was a one-sided battle, as Phil Murphy led over Jack Ciattarelli with 73% of the votes in his favor. There was still 10% left). In places such as Burlington County, the votes were closer. Murphy had 52% of votes in the county and Jack Ciattarelli had 47%. Overall, the election was really getting down to the wire, and I encourage you to keep up with later races (or hopefully, you tracked this one).  

(Fun Fact: Stephen Sweeney, a powerful lawmaker, lost to Edward Durr in the state governor elections. And guess what? Edward Durr is a truck driver for Raymond and Flanigan.)