Behind the Scenes: Steam Peer Leaders


Rusheel Mishra, Eshan Akula, and Samuel Ge

We spoke with members from the STEAM Peer Leaders, group to get a better idea of what they’re all about! (haha enthusiasm). We then transcripted our entire interview into a two minute read for our readers. Here’s our conversation:

Interviewer: What does a typical day look like for a STEAM peer leader?

Steam Peer Leaders : On a typical day, at our Steam classroom, we first start with brainstorming for future projects or upcoming projects. Turkey Turbulence we’ve been planning for a bit; We have more to come. We are planning to do something for an hour of code, or one of those esports ones that we’ve done before. We just brainstorm ideas in ways that we can help out the school and other peer leader groups, like fundraisers.

Interviewer: What is your mission with all these STEAM challenges?

Steam Peer Leaders : Our mission is to allow students to think outside the box and give them a new challenge to solve. That’s what STEAM is really about, trying to give kids a challenge and try to make them learn something new. It’s pretty much our job to help students think outside the box with these opportunities and challenges. Throughout these challenges, you have to use some knowledge. STEAM covers lots of topics that people have to utilize.

Interviewer: What does a STEAM peer leader mean to you?

Steam Peer Leaders : A STEAM peer leader means being a creative person, a person that thinks outside the box; being somebody that is trying to help the school. We want to create fun environments. Helping other people and including people while surrounding things like Science Engineering and things like that.  Our goal is to make students do something fun and make them use their brains. We have fundraisers coming up, like bake sales which will go to a local cause,

Interviewer: We heard rumors that you guys get mango popsicles…WHERE do you get the money for the mango popsicles, you are allegedly being provided with?


Steam Peer Leaders : Um…


Steam Peer Leaders : Uh… I think that comes from government funding. I don’t think we can share that information. It’s confidential and classified information. *Cuts the voice recording*.

***The last part may or may not be true***…