Student Faculty Volleyball


Vedh Vinayak

The Student Faculty Volleyball Tournament was an amazing event where students had fun playing volleyball against their teachers. This event was run by the SPORT Peer Leaders who worked hard to organize this event together. The whole event was to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation. Students had to play preliminary rounds against each other before facing off against their teacher in a bracket. The event was well attended and the upper gym was buzzing with noise. Congratulations to the winning team members: 

Griffin Maurette

Ishaan Satish

Yuvraj Chaudhary

Veer Chander

Rohan Rao

Ishaan Modi

Neel Vijayraghavan

Jacob Itkis 

Aadi Bhandari 

Ayan Dalmia

Students got the opportunity to show off their volleyball skills, while seeing their teachers’ volleyball skills too. The SPORT Peer Leaders raised a lot of money to be donated to the “Make A Wish Foundation.”


As a participant and a viewer the Student Faculty Volleyball was really fun and MMS is looking forward to the one next year!