Back to School Night 2022

Olivia Shidler

On September 22, Back to School Night for 7th and 8th grade parents took place from 7-9 pm. Parents and CORE 8 Peer Leaders filled MMS. Parents looked forward to meeting their child’s teachers and seeing what their child did every day at school. 

The CORE 8 Peer Leaders started off the night in the New Cafeteria by giving parents their child’s schedules and showing them to the auditorium for Mr. Connolly’s speech. Then, they scattered into the halls to assist parents to their child’s classrooms. 

It was a great experience for me because I felt great helping parents around the school! The parents were extremely grateful for us helping because, after all, the Millburn Middle School is a very extensive school and it is so easy to get lost. 

One fellow peer leader, Chloe W., also helped the parents. She shared her experience, stating, “I felt really good about myself when the parents asked me for directions to their child’s classrooms.” Chloe said she signed up to be a guide because she wanted to “help my parents as well as other parents” since she knew “what it felt like to be lost” in a big school. When asked how she felt about seeing her parents in her classrooms, Chloe replied by saying she “felt grateful for the opportunity where my parents could learn more about the classes that I spend my school days in.”

All in all, the MMS Back to School Night was a huge success and a great experience for the parents and the CORE 8 Peer Leaders, who were extremely happy to help!