The Issues: What do MMS students think is the most important issue that affects our country?


Gabriela Wurgaft

In every election season, presidential candidates debate the issues considered most important to this country.

So the PEN peer leaders decided to ask the students of Millburn Middle School what is the most important issue facing our country today. The answer may surprise you.
According to 156 students across multiple grade levels, discrimination and global warming are the two most important issues here. Next was gun control, followed by immigration and poverty.

Education was a choice, but not one student selected that issue. When asked why they thought no one voted for education, an anonymous eighth grader said, “We have the education we need and maybe we don’t think about a better education for others.”

The results imply maybe student here either are not as empathetic towards the issue of education or just don’t think about the issue much.
When an interviewee was asked why they voted for global warming, they responded that global warming is posing as a serious threat to our future and when politicians deny the existence of it, they are hurting this country and world.
When asked why a student voted for discrimination they said that it is 2016, and we have as a nation seem to still have a lot of hate in our society today.
If kids at MMS could vote, the political candidates might have to focus more on discrimination and global warming.