The P2P REACH group prepared for Red Ribbon Week


Linnea Johansson

The P2P 7th grade PeerLeader group set up red ribbons around town for Red Ribbon Week (Photo: Mrs. Arruda)

Linnea Johansson, Photographer

In preparation of ed Ribbon Week,I asked the P2P Peer Leader group advisor, Mrs. Arruda, some questions.

What is P2P REACH?

P2P stands for ‘Peer to Peer.’ The P2P group reaches out to students and helps them protect themselves from the dangers of alcohol, drugs and other harmful substances. Peer leaders will teach this knowledge to the elementary students in our community, so as to mentor the younger generations on how best to avoid the pressure to become hooked.

The P2P 7th grade PeerLeader group set up red ribbons around town for Red Ribbon Week (Photo: Linnea Johansson)


What organization did you work with to make the ribbons?

The P2P peer leaders worked together with the Millburn senior citizens group at the Bauer Community Center on October 7th, to assemble about 250 red ribbons.  These ribbons will be displayed around the town and school from October 22nd through October 31st, which is referred to as Red Ribbon Week, to raise awareness of drug and alcohol abuse.

(Photo: Linnea Johansson)
(Photo: Linnea Johansson)

Why did you choose to make the ribbons rather than buy?

This has become an annual event for the P2P peer leaders and it is something that the Millburn Senior citizens, as well as, P2P peer leaders, look forward to. By building these ribbons with our own hands, it gives us more ownership of the meaning behind them. We hope by spreading the awareness of Red Ribbon Week, we remind everyone the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and encourage others to live an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

Why did you choose this activity as an act of community service?

We chose this activity as an act of community service because it provided an opportunity for the P2P peer leaders to spend some time with, and create relationships with, some senior citizens in our community. It is a nice way to bring these generations together to deliver an important message.  I believe that both groups benefit from the experience.