Night of new beginings


Linnea Johansson

Uma Puma PEN!

Xanthe Miller and Linnea Johansson


Peer Leader Induction Night occurred on October 24. The night included speeches from all of the peer leader groups, describing the work they do to help the community, and how the theme for this year, which is “Making leadership a verb”, applies to them. I was rather confused by this theme, as leadership can already be made into a verb, to lead. Nevertheless, the theme is about being a leader, and an accepting one at that. Even those who aren’t Peer Leaders should try to make leadership a verb.

After the induction, there was food. Though being inducted was fun, I probably enjoyed the food the most. Not only was it tasty, it brought people together to talk about the year to come, amongst other things. People could connect, and learn about other Peer Leader groups with questions that had not been answered through the majority of the night, making it a huge success.

According to Margaret McGregor Corson, “Being a peer leader means that you are a role model for the rest of the community, and are trying to work to create a better world and future for the next generation.” She was one of the many Peer Leaders inducted on Peer Leader Induction Night. She was one of the representatives for PEN and she “thought that it was a wonderful experience to talk to the parents and other peer leader groups about PEN about what we do and our goals for the future.”

I also got to talk to Mr. Chernoski, my Peer Leader advisor. He said that “It was a great evening, when our great Peer Leaders in training became official Peer Leaders.”

I hope all of you newly inducted peer leaders had as much fun as we at the PENpoint did!