2020-2021 Staff

Ziv Shah


Hi! My name is Ziv Shah. I really enjoy swimming, biking, and most sports. I also enjoy reading and I play the Double Bass. I am excited to start writing for PEN!

Grant Zhou


Hello! My name is Grant Zhou. I enjoy watching shows, playing sports, and helping out others. My favorite subjects are math and science.

Anshrutha Shrinivas


Hi, I’m Anshrutha Shrinivas. I’m an avid reader and love all things music. My hobbies include painting (not well), singing, and writing. I adore Pinterest, and I love Disney movies. 

Nathan Jiang


Hi, I’m Nathan Jiang, an 8th grader here at MMS. I play the cello, and have been principal cellist in a few youth ensembles, and also do competitive swimming for Metro Area Lifetime Swimming. I like to watch TwoSet Violin, ...

Zain Jaffar


Hello, my name is Zain Jaffar. My two favorite hobbies are playing competitive chess and running track.

Matthew Herbert


Hi, my name is Matthew, and I enjoy writing and media creation. I have experience with creating an interactive website and video designed to help student pedestrians in Millburn. Check out my project, RobotsForWalkers....

Arya Gandhi


Hi, my name is Arya Gandhi and I am a part of the PEN peer leader group. I love to play video games, cook, and play basketball. My favorite movie is 300 and my favorite TV show is The Office. 

Julian Chua


Hello there. I'm Julian Chua, a 13-year-old student at MMS. I have a passion for drawing and writing. I love watching Marvel movies, and I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I like using Discord, Reddit, and Instagram. I am excited to b...

Holden Bergam


Hello! My name is Holden Bergam, and I am a writer for the Millburn Penpoint. In my free time, I enjoy playing squash, practicing french horn, reading, and writing.

Arushi Arora


Hi, my name is Arushi Arora and I am a writer for the Millburn Penpoint. I am a voracious reader and I also really like to write, so I like to think that my zeal for reading is what got me into writing! A few of my other hobb...

Arav Wahi

My name is Arav Wahi, some of my interests include playing chess, reading, listening to music, watching movies, browsing Reddit, looking at and making memes, the Stock Market, and sports. ...

Tanush Shah

Hello, my name is Tanush Shah. I enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, running, and reading.

Ben Lawentman

Hey, I'm Benjamin Lawentman. I love to play baseball and have fun with friends and family. I can’t wait to start writing articles for the Millburn PEN team. 

Rida Imran

My name is Rida Imran, and I like playing video games. In addition to that, I enjoy golfing sometimes, and I play trumpet in the school band. Some of my other interests include reading about world news and watching anime....

Maren Finan

Hi, my name is Maren Finan and I am an 8th grade student who is in the PEN peer leader group. I love lacrosse, the beach, baking, writing and reading. I am so excited to be bringing MMS news to you this school year!

Mingyi Chen

Hi, my name is Mingyi Chen and I am a PEN peer leader. I play the violin. I like reading, tennis, skiing and video games. 

Ethan Bitan

Hi! My name is Ethan, and I am an 8th grader at MMS. I love hanging out with my friends, architecture, and going to Disney!

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