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2017-2018 Staff


PEN Peer Leader

Hi! I am Gracie Lebersfeld. I am an eighth grade PEN peer leader, and can't wait to share some stories with you. I enjoy singing, binge watching Netflix, and also hanging with my friends. Enjoy my page!

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Sophia Klymchuk


  Sophia is an eight grader in Millburn Penpoint. She enjoys reading and drinking tea, as well as playing the oboe and violin.

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Anshul Magal


Anshul Magal is a 8th grader who enjoys sports and reading books. He is on a competitive swim team.  He plays  the baritone in Wind Ensemble. One cool thing about me is that I am a second degree black belt

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Rose Stirling


Rose is in 8th at Millburn Middle School. She enjoys playing volleyball, reading nonfiction, playing card games, and solving puzzles and brain teasers. She loves learning new things at school, and her favorite subject is math....

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Zubin Rekhi


Zubin Rekhi is in Eighth Grade at Millburn Middle School. He loves to do Congressional Debating and Fencing. He also has a passion for writing and making news....

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Mack Harris


Mack Harris is a fourteen year old boy who goes to Millburn Middle school, and he likes tennis, golf, and hanging out with friends.  His favorite subject is social studies and he likes school.  Some fun facts about Mack is that...

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Ishaan Salhotra

Writer/Web Designer

I'm an eighth grader in Millburn Middle school on team L. I like taking photos, robotics, playing soccer and drum set for a jazz house. I take Spanish and am in all accelerated classes. Personally, my favorite sports team is Manchester...

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Ziv S. Segal


Ziv moved from Israel to the USA when she was ten. In her free time, she writes stories, takes fencing classes, spends time with her friends, and conquers libraries. Her favorite subject is LAR and she loves rainy days. Her fav...

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Gabrielle Hrung


Gabrielle is a student who enjoys reading, writing, photography, and plays the piano and the viola. When she doesn't have her nose stuck in a book or at rehearsal, she can be found trying to spread awareness about social justice...

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Madeline Bryant


  Maddy is a Core peer leader in 8th Grade. She enjoys reading and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite subject is Social Studies and she loves to horseback ride. 😃

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