2021-2022 Staff

Tyler Suwankosai

Tyler Suwankosai is an 8th grader that goes to Millburn Middle School (just in case you forgot). He loves writing and is excited to do his hobby for an official newspaper. Other hobbies of his include soccer, watching anime, learnin...

Eshan Akula

Hello, My name is Eshan Akula. I enjoy playing video games, studying economics, working with the environment, anime, and F1. I joined PEN because writing articles and news is fun.   ...


Rusheel Mishra

Hi! My name is Rusheel Mishra. I really enjoy chess, playing surviv.io, binge watching Netflix, bowling, golf, swimming, ping-pong, and skiing. Crypto is interesting in my opinion and everyone can greatly appreciate one of those...


Vedh Vinayak

Hello! My name is Vedh Vinayak. Some of my interests include chess and other sports such as soccer & ping pong. I enjoy challenges and puzzles. I am excited to be writing for PEN this year.


Ishaan Bharadwaj

Hi! My name is Ishaan Bharadwaj and I am an 8th grader. Some things I enjoy are taekwondo, history, sushi, and chocolate. My favorite subjects are math and history. I am excited to write for PEN Peer Leaders. ...


Siddhanta Mishra

G'day g'day! My name’s Siddhanta Mishra or as most people call me, Sid. I love to experiment and create things while challenging myself. It could be anything from making delicious cookies to writing complex pieces of code. I...


Reuben Ezulike

Hi, I’m Reuben. I applied to PEN peer leaders because of the importance of passionate, trustworthy, and reliable journalists here at MMS. I like to cook, play the piano and watch TV of all sorts. Comedy or Crime anyone? I...


Samuel Ge

Hello. Guten tag. 你好. Bonjour. Holá. приве́т. Hujambo. hvernig hefur þú það? The name’s Samuel Ge. I’m an 8th grader with no common sense whatsoever and who enjoys reading philosophy -- specifically, Nietzsche and ...


Aadit Shrivastava

Hi, I am Aadit Shrivastava! I enjoy tennis and classical music.


Emma Marx

Hey! I’m Emma Marx! I’m an 8th grader at Millburn Middle School and I love to play field hockey, cook, watch sports, and I’m always down to watch a good Netflix show! One of my guilty pleasures is watching F1! I joined PENS b...

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